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Associates Degree Overview

EDU Helper USA offers a wide selection of accredited schools for you to consider as you explore your options for earning an Associate Degree. Each program has a strong reputation that can significantly impact your employment opportunities and salary after graduation. These courses are conveniently available online, allowing you to study independently. Completing an Associate Degree typically takes around two years on average, making it a reasonable and achievable goal.

Benefits of an Associates Degree

Earning an associate degree enhances your prospects for success in the job market after high school by showcasing your proactive approach to education. There are numerous options available for Associate Degrees. An Associate of Science degree can open doors to careers in fields like early childhood education, criminal justice, marketing, accounting, and management. On the other hand, an Associate of Arts degree typically encompasses humanities and social sciences. Both pathways often serve as stepping stones towards pursuing further education. Additionally, you can opt for an Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Applied Business degree if you focus on a specific major rather than general education courses.

Lower Tuition

One advantage is that you can obtain a degree without having to bear substantial tuition expenses.

Less Time Needed to Earn Degree

You can finish an Associate's Degree in approximately 2 years, allowing you to enter the workforce earlier than individuals pursuing higher degrees.

Flexible Schedule

An associate’s degree allows reasonable time to study and have a full-time job if you must work simultaneously.

How to Earn an Associates Degree

Think Long-Term

Selecting your desired career path will guide you in determining the appropriate college and type of associate's degree to consider.

Start Early

You can actually start working towards your Associate's Degree while still in high school by enrolling in advanced or college-level courses during your junior or senior year.

Embrace your future

Earning your Associate's Degree is a step towards a promising future, opening up numerous job opportunities that you can pursue right after graduation.

Popular Associates Degrees

Associates Degrees with
High-Earning Salaries

Air Traffic Controller: $124,540
Computer Programmer: $82,240
Radiation Therapist: $80,570
Dental Hygienist: $74,070
Registered Nurse: $70,000
Web Developer: $67,990
Source: - 2022
Based on national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary.