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Certificate Overview

EDU Helper USA can guide you to an ideal online certificate program that can kickstart a new career or enhance your progress in your current job. Unlike college degrees, certificate programs are short-term and can bolster your career goals while fitting into your schedule. You’ll have a wide range of choices with numerous accredited schools available. The flexibility of certificate programs enables professionals to balance full-time work with their studies effectively.

Benefits of a Certificate

Certificate programs are designed to equip you with specific skills quickly. They offer a swift path to gaining the expertise needed for certain jobs. While some certificates can directly lead to employment, others complement existing degrees, increasing earning potential and job prospects. Despite their shorter duration, certificate programs still provide comprehensive training with assignments, deadlines, and active participation to earn a final grade.

Programs that build skills in a new or growing specialty area

For instance, certificate programs in fields like internet marketing, coding, or healthcare can significantly enhance your marketability and job prospects. These programs focus on practical skills that are in demand, making you a more competitive candidate in today's job market.

It’s One Way to Get Ahead

Successfully finishing a certificate program enables you to develop a specialized skill further and attain a recognized credential, distinguishing you from your peers in your chosen field.

Turn Your Passion into Profit

Enrolling in a certificate program can swiftly transform your passion into a lucrative business or career opportunity.

Expand Your Areas of Expertise

In the era of the "gig economy" and "side hustle" opportunities, certificate programs offer a pathway for individuals to pursue multiple careers or jobs as they desire.

How to Earn a Certificate

Review Your Options

Are you interested in online or in-person options? Are you looking to enhance your existing credentials, or are you aiming for a job requiring a certificate?

Gather Options from Professionals

Consider arranging informational interviews with professionals working in your desired industry to gather their insights and opinions about the certificate programs you're considering. This can provide valuable perspectives on your top choices.

Begin Any Time

Many certificate programs offer such flexibility that you can start at your convenience. Some also provide numerous start and end dates to choose from throughout the year, making it convenient for your schedule.

Popular Certificates

Associates Degrees with
High-Earning Salaries

Building Inspector: $62,860
Architectural and Civil Drafter: $57,500
Industrial Engineering Technician: $57,320
Heavy Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Mechanic: $55,350
Paralegal: $52,920
Sheet Metal Worker: $51,370
Source: - 2022
Based on national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary.